Framed Art & Custom Framing

A frame should not only define a work of art, but it  should also complement it.  It shouldn't compete with the artwork nor should it be overwhelmed by the work. Beautifully framed art not only  enhances the artwork, but it also enhances any room or area in a home, office or place of business.  

It is so important to work with a framer who not only has a great eye and great taste, but is also a skilled craftsperson in what they do.  I work with a terrific shop in the Phoenix area called Gravity Elements.  Guzel is the framer and she has all the attributes mentioned above.

 If you should purchase any of my art I would certainly recommend using Guzel and Gravity Elements to do your framing. All of the examples shown here were framed by Guzel.

Here is their link:

 If you should want to purchase any of these shown below, please contact me directly.

Charge - 24" x 20"

Fences - 24" x 20"

River's Edge - 32" x 27"

Journey - 37" x 37"

Opening - 17" x 19"

Under See - 15" x 15"

Locust Tree - 20" x 26"

Dancin' - 23" x 27"

Hanging On - 21" x 27"

Joe - 26" x 31"

Humming - 26" x 31"

Stilled - 26" x 31"

Behind the Lead - 21" x 27"

Faces - 21" x 27"

Shadows - 27" x 21"

Acrylic paintings with "floating" framing

This  is an acrylic painting that is framed with a floater style frame.  Named for the illusion they create, floater frames make the artwork look like it is "floating" within the frame, providing an attractive, sleek and elegant appearance.

Waiting - 23" x 29"

Urban Madonna - 41" x 53"

Several - 27" x 31"

Dancers - 63" x 43" - regular frame

All sizes are rounded off to the next highest inch.